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Inthisto is one of the Payroll companies in Bangalore offering Payroll processing, which involves the calculation of an employee’s basic remuneration as well as special payments/bonuses given to the employee. Remuneration is also calculated keeping in mind hourly employees, salaried employees, new hires & terminations. Calculation of gross salaries & deductible amounts is a tedious task which involves risk.

To effectively manage the entire payroll work payroll processing services is needed. As the number of employees in the organization increases, the benefits of payroll outsourcing become more apparent.


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Payroll Processing Services

  • Calculating payroll after a thorough analysis of payroll records.
  • Withholding tax obligations for each employee.
  • Employer & employee Provident Fund & ESI calculations.
  • Depositing statutory dues.
  • Accurate salary calculation
  • Online Access to View/Print Salary Slip
  • Employee life cycle management
  • Pay slips & reports
  • Leave & expense management
  • Better income tax planning
  • Complete employee data
  • Web-based Leave Solution
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Replacing Excel with Web-based Payroll
  • Automated Attendance and Leave

As one of the top payroll processing companies in Bangalore, We provide fast turnaround for the payroll process with assistance throughout the entire life-cycle of the employee, right from the day of recruitment to exit. Streamlining of all payroll processes, Reduced investment in IT infrastructure, Well-thought-out resource deployment, Strict adherence to compliance and statutory requirements, Error-free documentation & reports, Solid business intelligence that helps top management with their strategic initiatives, Low-risk of penalties due to non-compliance, Speedy & efficient resolution of all employee issues.

  • Quality Management standards
  • Great Customer Service
  • 50+ payroll processing clients serviced

Inthisto Service Offerings

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